Over the last year I have discovered graphite pencils and colored pastel pencils. This is after 71 years of painting and drawing.

In the past I have done portraits with soft pastels(not pencil pastel)and the outcome was satisfactory. After experimenting with this new approach to portraiture and finding out a way to present all 21 tonal values that the human eye sees (not just the 7 tonal values that the best camera will take), I was pleased. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it was the enthusiastic response from the viewing public that convinced me to continue.

There are many forms of art…from the early renaissance masters, impressionists and modern pop and abstract art.

I have always been attracted to realistic art because it requires knowledge, training, discipline and patience and these pencil approaches are no different. To achieve realistic results will easily take over ten hours for a 12×18 inch portrait because I am employing the techniques of chiaroscuro and verdaccio from the Renaissance period as well as showing all 21 tonal values.

It is the widespread approval of this new art style that I deeply appreciate. It is great to be on the same page as so many people and to share the love that the old masters’ put into their paintings. After 500 years their approach is still a winner.

So thank you everyone for the encouragement…I really appreciate your kindness and support for this old style of realistic painting.

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