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In the past, I have derived more pleasure from painting a subject that was personally meaningful to someone else.  This is a commissioned painting. Clients have had old photos of deceased family members and pets that they would like to remember. They have discovered that even the advanced digital camera techniques are weak compared to what a good graphite or color pastel painting can do.

I now specialize in graphite and color pastel portraits done from a photo. These techniques are based on the old Renaissance Masters and involve methods of chiaroscuro and verdaccio underpainting. Although these techniques are 500 years old, they still produce a superior creative image than a high tech photo that has been photoshoped. This is what distinguishes my portrait work from other artists.

As you can see, I have done  a great number of different subjects, from   portraits , pets,… to scenes in the mountains.  Many times clients wanted an oil painting of a particular area.  With the use of their photos, I am able to put them into the painting.

If you have photos that you want changed to a creative, made by hand, piece of fine art,I will work closely with you.  Send me several photos via the internet and allow about a month to complete.  There is 50% deposit but I will guarantee 100% satisfaction or your money back.  Not many artists have this degree of confidence when it comes to commissioned work.

It makes me happy that, at the completion of your painting, you will have something extra special and meaningful to you.  This painting may be handed down from one generation to another because it is unique and personally valuable.

My fees are always reasonable and will vary with the size and complexity of the work. This style of art cannot be rushed as it takes many hours to complete. Contact me and I can give more details.


Fast Sketch  Sepia pencil  12×18  takes one hour                   $ 50 CAD

GRAPHITE PENCIL       9×12  takes over 5 hours                  $100 CAD

12×18 takes over 10 hour                 $150 CAD

PASTEL PENCIL(color) 9×12 takes over  7 hours                  $200 CAD

12×18 takes over 12 hours               $300 CAD

All prices in Canadian dollars  Shipping costs extra



Because I am a self-taught artist, I struggled for may years using trial and error and hoping for a good outcome. At my age, I would love to share my findings and insights with you, so you can avoid the problems and confusion that I encountered.I offer a week-end workshop on learning to paint realistically.  It starts off Friday evening and finishes on Sunday evening.  At the end of that time you will have learned the important secrets of the Old Masters.  It is a step by step technique that will help both the beginner and advanced pupil to achieve more technique in producing realistic art.If you can get ten people together for a week-end workshop and cover my travel expenses, I guarantee that you will learn more in two days of intensive work than you have in years. The fee is $100 per student.  Contact me for more details.