beezwaxJoe DeYong, Charlie Russell’s only true student, looked back on his life when he was seventy-two years old and reflected that Charlie Russell had died at age sixty-six in his artistic prime. I looked back on my life, at age seventy-two and realized that I would like to pay tribute, in my own humble way, not only to Charlie Russell but also to his wife, Nancy (or Mame). I have recently become aware of the impact that she had on his successful career. Charlie said that, without her, he would be cleaning out spittoons in some saloon.

As I reflected on Charley and Mame, my interest was aroused to paint episodes from their lives and especially events in Charlie Russell’s life that struck a chord with my own mountain and horse experiences in the northern Rockies. This is something that I could paint with a degree of passion and personal interest.

So here I am at seventy three dedicating this website to Charlie Russell and his wife Nancy.