Every November 11 in Canada, we remember all of the allies that never came back from the world wars. Without these guys, you and I would be speaking German, Italian or Japanese as our second language. We owe them so much…it’s amazing that… somewhow we won the second world war. Women and Negroes also had to sacrifice to get on the voters list.

Yet…every election that I know of…be it presidential or municipal, always has a poor turn-out. It is understandable that people lose faith with so many corrupt and greedy politicians and prefer not to vote.I urge you when the next election comes your way, put aside your cynacism, try to choose the less corrupt of the candidates and go vote. You owe it to all those boys who never came back and every other minority who had to fight for the right to vote.

On a lighter note, I wonder if the renowned writer and conservationist Andy Russell named his son after our Charles Marion Russell. Andy lived in the Pincher Creek area, a part of the country where the memory of Charlie Russell lives on in myth and legend. These guys are all shaped by the same eastern slopes of the Rockies. Andy’s son, who is now 70 years old has done remarkable research with Grizzlies most of his life. One of the things he learned from his dad, on the ranch, was to put down lame and diseased cows in the early spring so that when the Grizzlies came out they would have a ready feed and not molest the healthy cows and calves. It worked. I am sure the Russells of Pincher Creek were admirers of Charles Marion.

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