Romance of the Old West

18×24 inches

PastelPencil on Sennelier LaCarte paper

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I live in the Peace River country of northern B.C. and Alberta.  I am a western history buff and I discovered that, when Alexander McKenzie was exploring west (about 1775) he employed Iroquois paddlers.  The Iroquois were allied with the British fighting the French and their allies, the Hurons.

As the beaver were almost depleted in the East, when they reached Ne Parle Pas Rapids(near Hudson Hope)some of the paddlers decided to stay and trap.  One was named Testestowich and his family resides here even today.

I had always thought of the Iroquois as an eastern tribe, but David Thompson in his journals (1800)reports the Iroquois had met the Blackfeet in southern Alberta.

I consider this a fantasy painting as I studied the field sketches of Paul Kane (1850), the earliest artist to paint in western Canada.  As I put the face together, I took the liberty to add some battle scars. This is one tough guy.